Prints, paintings and memorabilia

Prints and Paintings

Sasek trained as a painter at L'Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and his prints and paintings turn up from time to time - keep an eye on ebay.

The notes on Stone is not cold show that he took painting seriously:

M (for Miroslav) SASEK grew up in Prague, where in the days before World War II, he was employed by a large publishing house. He wanted to be a painter, but this idea didn't appeal to his parents, and he studied architecture instead...

Although Mr. Sasek now thinks of Paris as his home, he doesn't spend much time there. Most of the time he is travelling about the world doing sketches for his books and for the paintings he regards as his major work. These paintings, he says, are 'very gray and black - very sad, as life is.

It has been difficult to find out about his painting career, but he had several exhibitions throughout Europe in the early 1970s, around the time that the last This is book, This is Historic Britain was published.

If anyone has any ideas, or more information about his paintings, please get in touch.

Reproduction Prints

Limited edition reproduction prints of illustrations from the This is series are available from The Bookroom Art Press in Brighton, UK.


There was at least one souvenir dishtowel produced - from This is London. You can all see what it looks like, thanks to Jessie Hartland, one of the proud owners. What a great thing to find!


A few different postcards sets have been produced. See postcards for more information.