About this site

This is M. Sasek is in no way connected to Miroslav Sasek, or his estate. It's just a fan site, which began when a page devoted to Miroslav Sasek on one of my other websites proved to be very popular. Lots of people got in touch asking about the books and where they could find them. They also asked me about M. Sasek himself so I started to do a bit of research. I had been trying to find out more about him since finding This is London in a bargain bin. I was hooked.


The site began in 2003 and since then I've been trying to dig up all the information I can about Miroslav Sasek and his work. There still is a long way to go and I'd be very grateful for anyone who can help me complete the picture. If there is anyone reading this who has connections in Prague, Munich or Paris (or anywhere else Sasek was connected with) please get in touch.




For further information email anne@miroslavsasek.com


Frequently asked questions


Where can I find out about the rights to Mr Sasek's books?


The rights situation is currently unclear. Mr Sasek died in 1980 without leaving an heir. Jeffrey Simmons, Mr Sasek's publisher at W.H. Allen has been trying to find the true owner of the copyright for years. His search is ongoing.


In the meantime, the royalities from the reissues are bieng held in a special fund until the copyright owner has been identified.




All the old reviews came from an earlier M. Sasek tribute site, which disappeared a few years ago. Thanks to its owners for all their hard work. Thanks also to all the people who have sent in information about Mr. Sasek, particularly Jeffrey Simmons and Harold Manning.