Zoo ist das Leben : satierische verse

Zoo ist das Leben - Monkey

Published in Munich, by N&W (Neureter & Wolf). Verses by Max Colpet, illustrations by Horst Lemske and Miroslav Sasek.

Notes: Unfortunately I do not speak a word of German, but I have been assured by German speakers that it is quite charming and Max Colpet's verses are delightful in the way that they play with words.

Max Colpet was also an expat who settled in Munich so no doubt he had much in common with Sasek. Horst Lemke also illustrated the book, and without knowing more of his work it can be difficult to tell which illustrations are his and which are Sasek's.

All in all it is hard to put this book into context without understanding more German, or more of the accompanying sleeve notes. It is probably the last book Sasek illustrated. I have only ever seen two copies of this book; both were signed, one by Max Colpet and one by Colpet and Sasek. I understand the whole run was a limited edition so it is very hard to come by. If there are any German speakers reading this who can shed some light on this publication please get in touch.