This is Washington, D.C.

FBI agent

Sasek picked the wrong moment to visit Washington, D.C. and arrived just in time to witness the mayhem that followed Martin Luther King's assassination, the Poor People's Campaign and the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.

Some critics felt that his experiences were reflected in the book. This is Washington, D.C. is more sombre in tone than the earlier books in the series, but this is consistent with the later books which all seem to focus more on architectural detail and less on the cute, ephemeral details that typify the earlier titles. Saying that, it is still an excellent book with lots of great pictures and an informative narrative as always.

M. Sasek on This is Washington, D.C.

"It was like a continuing nightmare. It was worse than Berlin in 1945! The riots were especially terrible to witness. One day while I was sketching the grave site of John F. Kennedy, the guards told me that I would have to leave; moments later trucks and crewmen appeared to dig the grave of Robert F. Kennedy. I could not believe these tragedies, one after the other."

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