This is Cape Canaveral

This is Cape Kennedy


This title was first published as This is Cape Canaveral, then as This is Cape Kennedy. It was reissued in June 2009 as This is the Way to the Moon.


Why so many different names? Cape Canaveral was renamed Cape Kennedy after the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. However, the residents weren't so keen and reclaimed the name Cape Canaveral in 1974. The NASA installation based there now goes by the name Kennedy Space Center, so you can see why it gets confusing!


Portland-based animator and illustrator Ward Jenkins features some of the illustrations on his blog The Ward-O-Matic.


M. Sasek on This is Cape Canaveral

I remember returning home to Munich after finishing this is Cape Kennedy. My son looked at my sketchbooks and without a word from me he mentioned that this is the Apollo rocket and this is the launching pad and this is...I could not believe it! Sometimes I cannot believe the children of today. When I was a youngster, no one travelled. And this is why the most simple detail is most important

Miroslav Sasek in Books are by people.


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