Mike and the Modelmakers

Mike ad the Modelmakers

Mike and the Modelmakers is a one-off in Sasek terms, in the same way as Stone is Not Cold. Different to the This is books in many respects (slightly smaller format, no pictures of Sasek himself, an obvious narrator in the form of Mike) it is obviously inspired by the series and still carries many classic Sasek features such as the title page with his signature. It is typical Sasek though with some pictures drawn from This is London and beautiful, highly-coloured illustrations.

The book itself was commissioned by Lesney Products & Co., Ltd., who owned the Matchbox trademark, and tells the story of how Matchbox models were made in their factory. Sasek picks up on the usual details like transport, local dress etc. and fits it into the story in context of a visit to London.

Mike, the narrator, tells the story in the form of a letter to his friend and it describes the whole scene through a child's eyes, full of wonder and excitement. The drawings differ from his early books like This is London and This is Paris, in the same way as later This is titles do: the colours are slightly darker and the drawings seem to be denser. It is still a wonderful book and well worth getting hold of if you like the This Is books.

Miroslav Sasek is famous for his unique style, and his fresh, bright and gay illustrations.

In this book he captures in colour the vast world of "MATCHBOX" and he comments with wit and humour that typifies his many books that are enjoyed by children of all ages throughout the world.

Mike and the Modelmakers - cover notes.